Adoption Information/Advocacy:

National Adoption Foundation
National Adoption Center
Adoptable Kids - Internet Adoption Resources US Department of State Adoption Travel Website
Committee on International Relations Website
The Adoption Guide
Adoption Forums

General Adoption Information:

Rainbow Kids A must have bookmark!!
Celebrate the Child Bookstore
Join a discussion group on adoption at Yahoo Groups
Adoptive Families Magazine
Adoption Journals
Adoption Travel Supplies
Unique Adoption Gifts
Immigration and Natulaization Service
download INS forms

Kazakhstan Links:

Quick Facts About Kazakhstan
Map of Kazakhstan
World Partners Adoption
One woman's website devoted to adoption from Kazakhstan:
The Kazakhstan Consulate in New York's informational website

General information on Kazakhstan:

The Presidents website
Kazak Info
Lonely Planet Destination Kazakhstan
Flourish Kazak Crafts
To join discussion lists on Kazakhstan adoption, and for agency references

For those about to travel:

Check out historic weather patterns on Weather Underground so you'll know
what to pack! All you have to do is type in Almaty, Kazakhstan and search.
Weather Underground

China Links:

Great Wall of China Adoption Agency Website
Families with Children from China
China Center of Adoption Affairs
2003 Adoptions from China


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